Registration Form for IMIE2017

Registration (through e-mail, without any payment) is necessary for logistics reasons (facility reservation, etc.) Please indicate in your registration e-mail message whether you want to participate in the conference dinner March 29 in the evening (cost ca. 3,000-4,000 yen). The organizers may assist you in arranging your accommodation in the Guest House of Akita International University, Hotel Crypton next to AIU campus for discounted price ca. 7,000 yen per person, per night. However, time of symposium is at the beginning of the academic year when many parents of new students are coming, so in order to secure reservation you have to contact us no later than in mid-February. For your convenience a registration form is appended to the end of this announcement. You can cut & paste it into our registration e-mail message.


E-mail address:


Position (faculty/student/other):

I am going to present (yes/no):

(If presenting) Title of presentation:

I am going to attend symposium on (March 29/March 30/both days):

I want to participate in the conference dinner in the evening of March 29 (No/Yes-myself/Yes with _ accompanying persons):

I would like assistance with reservation of accommodation (Yes/No):

Please notice that in order to get reservation at Hotel Crypton (in the close proximity of AIU campus) you have to contact us well in advance of the symposium.