Integrative Methods of Inquiry in Education: SYMMETRY

Symposium at Akita International University, Akita Japan

March 29-30, 2017


Symposium has as its main goal an exchange of views and opinions, sharing knowledge and discussion of the methods to integrate curriculum helping to educate new generations in the manner propagating a holistic world view. Mathematics and increased level of abstraction are natural sources of the methods of unification of knowledge and of curriculum. The concept of symmetry provides an example of the program of unification of the methods of inquiry across virtually all disciplines of human intellectual activity. Whether successful or not, it can serve as a starting point for the discussion of the curricular reforms. We invite contributions to the discussion in the form of oral presentations of relevant papers. FULL SYNOPSIS


Venue: D104

March 29 DAY 1
10:00 Symmetry as a compression tool (Attila Egri-Nagy)
11:00 Bacterial genome rearrangements and phylogeny in the Cayley graph (Andrew Francis, Western Sydney University)
12:00 LUNCH (Cycling Terminal)
13:30 Symmetry in Visual Arts (Kuniko Abe)
14:30 The concept of symmetry in Physics (Yasushi Nara)
16:00 WORKSHOP: Structuralism - Its prominent past, sad present, and bright future (Marcin Schroeder)
18:00 DINNER (TBA)
March 30 DAY 2
10:00 Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking in Biology (Andy Crofts)
11:00 Can we future-proof phylogenetic consensus trees? (Andrew Francis, Western Sydney University)
12:00 LUNCH (Cycling Terminal)
13:30 Reforming Calculus Textbook of High Schools and Colleges in Japan (Akihiro Yamamura, Mahito Kobayasahi, Akita University)
14:00 The difference of class makes carelessness (Saaya Konno, Szilárd Zolt Fazekas, Akihiro Yamamura, Akita University)
14:45 Symmetry in Serious Economics - Fixed points in functional spaces as a description of the economy (Nori Tawara)
15:00 Identity, Equivalence, Orders and Similarities (Florent Domenach)
16:00 Symmetry in Language (Shunsuke Nakata)
17:15 Questioning Ontic Realism (Akiko Frischhut)
17:45 Panel Discussion

Invited Speaker

Professor Andrew R. Francis Director of Centre for Research in Mathematics, School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, Western Sydney University, Australia

Abstracts (partial list)

Submission of Abstracts:

Please send your extended abstract of your presentation with 200-500 words formatted as a Word document or pdf as an attachment to e-mail message addressed to either of the members of Organizing Committee listed below.

Presentations may be of the work in progress. High quality papers with the content of broadly understood philosophical significance presented at the symposium may be published after peer review, but without publication fee, in the open access journal Philosophies (MDPI, Switzerland).

Deadline for abstract submission March 1, 2017


Language of the symposium: English

Important dates: Deadline for abstracts March 1, 2017

Notifications of acceptance within a week from submission.

Registration by e-mail: March 15, 2017

Symposium March 29-30, 2017

Venue: Campus of Akita International University, Akita city, Japan (detailed information will be sent to participants with the confirmation of registration)

No conference fee (we will request only for optional donations for coffee, tea, etc. at coffee breaks)

Organizing Committee:

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